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Kopano Matlwa

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

it’s me again!

I know… its been so long, but never once were you out of my mind, i promise! SO much has happened since we last spoke. Last time we chatted i was doing my psychiatry block getting ready for a weekend at home in Jozi courtesy of the University of Johannesburg. (But boy did i have to pay for it!) I did a reading for a very serious and stiff crowd there who psychoanalysed every word in the book including the colour of cover (which i assure you has nothing to do with anything) and poked and prodded and searched and dug for things that honestly weren’t there until THEY put them there.

But just as i thought i was ready to retreat to my old (very comfortably dull life) and hide there under the ‘im writing exams’ excuse i was reminded that i had to “read” (that’s how they mislead you) at an event at the University of Western Cape the following weekend. I dragged myself to bellville actually longing for the pages of my textbooks rather than being in a room of scavengers ready to pull my mind to pieces. (Boy was i pleasantly suprised!). They were beautiful and young and for the first time since all of this has started, OF COLOUR!!! Seriously! A room filled of young black reading people and not the retired libarians, over qualified lecturers and bored hosuewives i’ve been reading too for the past 6 months. No offence to anyone, but come on, who are we trying to kid, what’s the point if the people it was written for aren’t reading it. Ya sure anyone can relate to the book, bla bla bla, but really one can only take reading to a room of blank faces so many times. It totally kills it when nobody can relate.

So you can understand my sheer joy and why i wanted to cry, and sing and dance and why I wanted to stay, wanted to read for them again and again and speak about things we had already spoken about earlier, just because it’s not likely to happen again. Sadly the blank faces (who try shame, but really don’t get it) buy the books. So im off to Frankfurt in 2 weeks to read, again, to all the wrong people.


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  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    October 4th, 2007 @14:41 #

    Hi Kopano

    Congradulations to you for the appearance on 3talk on SABC 3 last night, 3 October 2007, and the discussion around your book, Coconut. It's wonderful that the book is recieving much deserved such great coverage and attention on national media.


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