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Kopano Matlwa

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

The way the cookie crumbles…

its a sad day when you stop believing in people, in honesty and integrity and goodness in the world. and when it happens you are stunned and rendered paralysed and find yourself asking if maybe it was something that you had done wrong.

I was commissioned to write a piece for the sunday times over a month ago in response to a debate on the state of indigenous languages in schools. I agreed to write the article after some convincing for i am no authority on the matter and was hesitant to speak about something i did not know enough about. (But then again saw it as a privelage to have been given an oppurtunity to have my views (me?) in THE weekend paper.) imagine my shock and dismay when it did appear 4wks later contorted and deformed, not the way i had written it nor in the context it was supposed to be in. I was angry, very angry, but also confused and perplexed because surely that is not the way things are done? Surely? or are they and am i just terribly young and naive? and if that is just the way the cookie crumbles then what about everything else we read? Has that also been slanted and biased and changed?

That night i went into the hospital to get some notes on newborn babies i had been monitoring and watched them as they slept and wondered what they thought of as they lay there. I wondered if they were excited about the world they were about to enter or if they were afraid. I wondered if they knew what lay ahead and if they were prepared.


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