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Kopano Matlwa

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE


When looking back on this past year I am reminded yet again of the wonder of the great God that lives within all of us and the infinite possibilities this life holds and of the magic of each new day and the great gift of this thing we call life.

It’s hard to describe cause im not quite sure if I understand it myself. I want to tell you that it has been a year of growth, but then which year isn’t. I want to say I have learnt a lot but who doesn’t learn something from each new day.

Sure the obvious things have been cool like book sales, traveling, positive reviews blah blah blah, but it was the not so obvious, subtle sometimes almost negative things that made this year one that will be noted in my book of those most memorable.

Perhaps it was the distant family relative who can barely read and really couldn’t possibly get what I was on about but is thee one most happy for me because its not about what is in it but that me her daughter did it that matters to her. Or my friend’s jock brother who is said to never pick up a book unless it’s to use as a weight that stayed up the whole night to finish mine. It’s being allowed the opportunity to enter into a world different from the one I am accustomed to, a chance to dance with great poets and writers and then sneak back into the lecture on Rheumatoid arthritis. Or maybe the realization that it is not criticism that breaks one down but the You within that starts to believe it that is most destructive. Or the realization that praise and slander can come from the same mouth almost simultaneously and that belief in one’s work really must come from within. Its the relationships built and the bonds strengthened. It’s coming back home after a long year and looking back on it in bewilderment. It’s that secret smile to oneself at the wonder of it all. It’s knowing that you did it despite the odds.

Wishing you all a peaceful and restful festive season with your loved ones and that you may enter the new year rejuvenated and filled with a fresh energy to make 2008 so much bigger and so much greater than any other year.