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skiing in the swiss alps

so i promised two blog posts ago to upload some pics of me skiing in the swiss alps – here you go!

Me in the Swiss Alps

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I have this problem…

i have this problem where i write stuff (because i miss u guys:( but then forget to put it up. Im working on it, but in the meantime work with me, close your eyes and think back to what you were doing this past saturday (saturday the 14th) then read this… just so we on the same page.

Saturday Voices 14/07/07

I’m writing this on a plane back to Cape Town, after just a week at home it seems like such a great injustice to be headed back to varsity (does it ever end) again! This morning I had a public discussion with Zukiswa author of The Madams at Boekehuis near Campus Square in Jozi. I was a little nervous about the whole thing initially, I’m one of those type A personalities who like to know EXACTLY what I’m getting myself into, “Do I need to prepare anything? Who is the audience? How long do they want me to speak for? They don’t want me to prepare at all? What do they mean they don’t want me to prepare? So what’s going to happen? Just wing it? What?!” Hence the MBChB i.e. medicine. So I prepared a little something anyway, just incase, printed it, just in case, and folded it neatly into the front zipper of my handbag, just in case.

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Hi all!

Been so long since I chatted to you all last. How have you all been? Think last time we spoke was the Cape Town Book Fair? Then I had exams and the next day after I was on a plane to Europe on a Contiki tour which was absolutely crazy. I did Amsterdam, Munich, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Canada, London and a drive through Belgium in 14 days! Zero sleep but plenty of fun.

Well I’ve never been to Europe before so it was a whole bunch of mixed feelings through out the tour. Our first stop was London, I thought (like New York, which I visited in 2005) to be quite a lonely city. So many people but no one to talk to. Everyone is just SO busy, you’d be lucky if someone made eye contact with you let alone gave you a smile. Perhaps that’s the price you pay for progress, it seems all the major cities in the world share that coldness.

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last night

hi all had another lanchy thing last night. Was very nerve wreckin cause was pretty worried nobody would be there (the week before was the real launch and everybody i knew had already gone to that one). but it actually turned out pretty cool, was an older crowd which was a bit daunting at first, but then turned out that they were all pretty down with it, except for this strange french man who was extremly suggestive and promised he’d sleep with the book under his pillow, and meditate on it??? (and then when he got ‘the feeling’ he would open it up and it would tell him what he needs to know!) FREAKY

HA HA! :) ya… aish… i dont know…


Been having such difficulty with getting on to the internet for some strange reason, had so much to tell you guys, but now forgotten :(

The launch was AMAZING! i was so nervous about it and it actually turned out fine. Thanks so much to everyone who came, really do appreciate the support.

There’s another launch-y thing happening morrow at Wordsworth at Garden Centre at 18h00, so if you can make it, would be really cool to see you all again and chat somemore. (Was so nice meeting you Vuyo and Gugu!)

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Coconut launch speech

For those who couldn’t make last night’s launch, here’s the speech I gave. Thanks to everyone for turning out, it was a great evening!

Oh yes, you can see pictures from the launch here:

Coconut launch speech

    Hello everyone, thank you all so much for coming, especially because I invited a lot of you on such short notice. It’s so overwhelming to be sitting here and talking about something that was once just a silly idea.

    Its been one hang of a journey, and me and Coconut are not without our many stories to tell.

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book launch on wednesday!!!

Hi guys!

(hi teboho! haven’t heard from u in ages, thanks for the post:)

Guys book launch is this wednesday!!! can you believe it? i cant! So nervous. Coconut is actually in stores and people will actually read it! eek eek eek.

well you’re all invited. pls do come. it’s at canal walk, exclusive books at 6pm. really do hope to see you there! Got invites for you all but not sure how i put them up here?? ben! help! :) (ben’s like the mind behind all this. You’ll meet him at the launch. Genius:)

ps. My english teacher sent me the coolest email which has offically become the email of the year. In highschool i could barely get an A out of the man and yet he went out and got Coconut this wknd, finished it the same weekend and sent me a whole (long) email about how much he liked it! i nearly died! How cool is that?! :) !!! im shaking… seriously

i wrote this last wk thursday and never got round to posting it up, but whatever

Hi all! Was woken up by a phone call this morning saying that Coconut is, right now, at this very moment being transported to all the stores in the country! I was still trying to wake up so it took me a little of a while to register, but now that I have…. Whoopeee!!! I cant believe my baby is really going to be in book stores, real book stores, and not the imaginary ones in my head. I was speaking to a friend the other day and we were chatting about this past December holiday, and how close I was to giving up on this book. I remember another friend had sent me an sms saying that Noeleen (sp?) was having a show on ‘how to get published’ and that I should watch it (yes, everybody I knew, knew that I was trying to get Coconut published) and it just made me so depressed cause there were like a million people calling in ALL trying to get published, all of whom had invested time and plenty of energy perfecting their work, all of whom believed that what they had created was a valuable contribution to society, all of whom had studied the creative arts, read a gazillion books and written for years… and then there was me.

I went back up to my room after that show (after trying to send noleen an sms and not getting responded to … I know … how sad) and decided that I was totally OVER IT. I even went out and bought the book they recommended on the show ‘how to get your book published in 30 easy steps’ (mind you it was sold out at the book stores and I had to put in an order! See my point) The 30 steps were in fact not so easy, and all it did was make it clearer to me just how unlikely it was that Coconut would ever be read by anyone other than my family and well meaning friends.

Is this making any sense? What I am trying to say in a very round about way is that there was no chance in hell that this could happen and yet it did. I don’t know how or why it did, but it did. It really is a miracle. Seriously, I’m not being all fluffy, it really is. And I hope in some way it makes you see that even though the odds are against you and your dreams, and even though what you hope and wish for is totally unrealistic, childish or fanciful, there is a God who is terribly sneaky, and maybe if you just hang in there, and push a little harder, maybe just maybe, you’ll be lying in bed someday laughing and crying at the absolute wonder of life.


hi guys…zzzz…. so tired!

can you believe its monday AGAIN?! when does it ever end. mondays seem to come every second days, and weekends just a lie, making believe you have an oppurtunity to rest when you really don’t! I think we should abolish weekends all together, whats the point, you are actually more tired after anyway. and by wednesday you are already getting used to the whole waking up thing, and kickin yourself for ever gettin yourself into whatever it is you do… :(… sigh… do i hear an AMEN?

Jokes… i am really tired, but its all good, its no work when you love what you do right (? ha ha! yeah right!)

had an ok day. Guys PLEASE do not smoke saw some very frightening cancers in ENT theatre today (ear, nose and throat) and where sunscreen please (be you as black as darkness gets) all sorts of tumors can AND DO grow in all sorts of places. But enough lecturing… some very exciting stuff is happening soon… book launch in a week or two (!!!), cape town book fair in june and a holiday to some place really nice… but i’ll tell you more when i have a little more details.

bye for now!

ps. how are you?


Yay, i finally met with Ben (the very cool guy who makes all this possible) and now i finally know how to do this, properly, lets just hope i don’t forget!

um…what to say, what to say?

Its been an ok week I guess. I’m doing my anaesthetics block now (still learning how to spell that word) and ya, its interesting and all, just so tiring you dont get a chance to enjoy it. Your in theatre all day on your feet, watching the backs of surgeon and a screen that never stops bleep-bleeping and sniffing nitrous oxide and burning flesh, that, it gets pretty crap after a while.

I think i might just be doing a little too much. I run a residence tuckshop with a friend, and an NGO (waiting room education by medical students) with three other friends and am part of ansoc (anglican society) and everything always seems to happen at once, and maybe that’s why anaesthetics doens’t seem like so much fun. I hope i don’t turn out to be a jack of all trades and master of none because i really do enjoy all i do. and im bored doing nothing. so don’t know whats worse, bored or stressed? even the book thing now is getting a bit old (and its not even out yet). he he! jokes, Jacana would kill me if they heard me say that. I think when they told me i could do ‘anything’ when i was little i misheard that for ‘everything’ (is misheard a real word?)

Is it a bad thing? … eek eek… probably hey? but what do i do? thats just me :(

ps. sorry to all my wondeful friends who tried to respond to my silly blog and couldn’t, here’s what u do: (courtesy of our dear friend ben :)

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